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 Streaming Tv Networks are taking over

VOD allows audiences to watch precisely what they want when they want. 77% of Americans report being happy with the flexibility and options of VOD, with 71% of people ditching cable TV because they can find the content they want online.


The visibility a show, movie, or visual podcast gets on VOD channels on Roku, Amazon Fire stick, and Apple TV is huge; this is why it's so challenging for any individual to get their projects onto these platforms or channels on these platforms.


This is where For Us Tv differs. We want to create opportunities for filmmakers, creators and podcasters to have a chance to be seen in over 300 million homes. Imagine how long it takes to be seen when you upload a vlog or build a channel on social media platforms.


This is why tv and VOD (video on demand ) channels are the way to go; however, many have a closed market, just like many tv channels. It takes work to get your show or show idea onto a tv station or most VOD streaming channels.

Imagine if you have a business and a tv show how you can gain more visibility and grow your brand.

Even if you are a creator, you must have over 100 million followers to say you're being seen in over 100 million homes.


With our streaming VOD channel available on so many devices, you are instantly in 300 million homes being seen.


Current studies show :


The forecast: In 2021, US Roku monthly users will increase by 11.5%, reaching 111.7 million monthly users. With these figures, Roku remains the most-used connected TV (CTV) device in the US market, though Amazon Fire TV is catching up.











   Dive Deeper:

  • Roku users now make up a third of the US population.

  • Despite the solid performance, we project that growth for Roku will slow down over the next few years as the US market becomes more saturated.

  • While Roku has already crossed the 100 million users mark, Amazon Fire TV will grow 15.4% in 2021, reaching 97.0 million monthly active users. Amazon will surpass 100 million users next year.

  • Roku remains the top CTV platform in the US, accounting for 51.7% of CTV users. But Amazon Fire TV is much closer now, with a penetration rate of nearly 45% among CTV users. Apple TV's penetration is pretty low compared with the rest, at only 13.1% of US CTV users.


As of February 2022, nearly 30% of US households with Wi-Fi had an Amazon Fire TV device. More than 20% owned an Echo smart speaker, Fire tablet, or both.

Beyond the chart: Prime Day is just around the corner, and more households will likely pick up an Amazon device of their own, enticed by the steep discounts the company uses to promote its electronics each year. Per Comscore Connected Home, 31.2 million US households used an Amazon Fire TV device this past February, a sizable slice of the 87.6 million households that we expect will have a Prime membership in 2022. That leaves more than 50 million Prime households outside the reach of the devices' shoppable video ads.














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