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Discover For Us TV: Beyond Mainstream Streaming

Introducing "For Us TV" – a pioneering online TV network offering a diverse and vibrant on-demand streaming experience. Our platform brings a rich selection of movies, TV shows, and fresh releases directly to your screen, ensuring unparalleled accessibility across all devices. As a proud female-led and Black-owned entity, we are committed to amplifying BIPOC and BIPOC LGBTQ+ voices and filmmakers, creating a space where diversity and creativity flourish.

If you're a filmmaker with a short story, documentary, reality show, podcast, or more, we're inviting you! Although we aren't purchasing screenplays at this time, we aim to in the future. We recognize the challenges of gaining visibility in the film and TV world, and that's why "For Us TV" exists: to grant every unique idea and project a deserving platform.


Why are platforms like ours vital? The answer is simple: representation. BIPOC streaming networks empower stories and viewpoints that mainstream media often sidelines. They enable creators from diverse backgrounds to exhibit their art and spark dialogues about race, identity, and representation. By providing this inclusive space, we are reshaping the media realm.


Diversity in media isn't just a buzzword; it's an essential vehicle for exploring identity beyond stereotypes. It fosters collaboration, creativity, and broadens horizons. For example, the Indigenous community holds immense significance in both Canadian and American narratives. Learning from their histories and values enriches our understanding.


Should you belong to the non-BIPOC community and wish to collaborate, we welcome you! Ensure that 60% of your project's participants, from cast to crew, are from diverse backgrounds.


We are also an affirming space for the BIPOC LGBTQIA+ community, conscious of the often skewed portrayal they receive in media. Authentic representation not only aids individuals within these communities but enlightens society about their lived experiences.


Svetlana Chernienko, our founder, brings her extensive film industry insights to the table. "Every person has a story," Svetlana emphasizes, "and we need platforms that truly listen."


The media landscape is evolving, with streaming networks overshadowing traditional TV. Embrace a world of global content with "For Us TV," accepting contributions from North America and beyond. Launching in 2024, find us on platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Android TV, and in app stores. Choose between our ad-supported free version or an ad-free premium experience.


Dive in, and let's redefine the narrative together with "For Us TV." - A New Era Of Streaming !

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